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Hazaribagh means thousand gardens. It is a famous hill resort, situated on a height of 2,019ft. above Sea level . This place has got a beautiful scenic view and an excellent climate. Hazaribagh is 93km from Ranchi. This place has got a rich collection of flora and fauna. There is a very famous picnic spot at Hazaribagh lake. This place is also famous for water sports. It attracts a lot of tourists and visitors. Hazaribagh national park and Wildlife Sanctuary is also a nice place to visit for all nature lovers .It covers an area of 184sq.km. of plains . The best time to visit this place is in early spring when the hills are covered with green plants.

Rajgir is a well-known place in Bihar, which is situated in a beautiful valley and abounds in greenery, surrounded by rocky hills. This picturesque place is one of the most important tourist's destinations in Bihar, since it holds lot of historical as well as religious significance.

This is the land of the Buddha and the Mahavira, who have left an indelible mark on every nook and corner of this fascinating place. In fact this is the place where Lord Mahavira spent 14 years of his life and Lord Buddha delivered some of his famous sermons, which eventually led to the conversion of King Bimbisara, of the Magadh Kingdom, to Buddhism Lord Buddha frequented this place usually during the rainy season in search of solitude and tranquility and to meditate and preach.

Rajgir was the ancient capital of the Magadh Kingdom, and was known as "Rajagriha or Girivaraja" .It is also known as ‘Panchpahari’ as this place has five hills, each with its own shrine. Located at a distance of 15km to the south of Nalanda , this place is an important pilgrimage centre for the Hindus and Jains and is hence frequented by tourists and pilgrims from all over the world . To this day, one can come across the historical remnants of the past, which stand testimony to Rajgirs rich and ancient heritage. Some of these remnants include a rock with marks engraved on it which according to a local legend , are ascribed to lord Krishna’s chariot , and a cyclopean wall that encircles the town Besides these two , other places worth mentioning are :

GRIDDHAKUTA – Also popularly called "Hill of the Vultures " this hilly region is famous for being Lord Buddha's abode where he preached sermons and meditated. Atop this hill stands a massive modern stupa, built by the Buddha Sangha of Japan IT is popularly known as the "PEACE PAGODA" or the "SANTI STUPA", and can be easily reached by an Ariel Ropeway. This uphill trip provided spectacular views over the hills of Rajgir.


This cave is located on one of the hills of Rajgir, where one can across many Hot water springs. These springs are believed to have many curative properties and are sacred to the Hindus. The first Buddhist Council was held in this cave. There are seven springs originating from the Saptparani Caves, the hottest of their being the ‘BRAKMAKUND’ with a temperature of 450C.


This cave is actually a rectangular stone, sculptured by the forces of nature. It also serued as the abode of pious hermits and was hence called ‘Pippala Cave’ located on the Vibhava Hill above the Hot springs, this cave is also popularly known as ‘JARASANDHA KI BAITHAK’ after King Jarasandh of the epic Mahabharata. This cave is also believed to have been used as a WatchTower.


These temples are 26 in numbers spread over the hill crest around Rajgir. One has to trek to these temples, which in fact, can be truly exciting and enjoyable.

Ranchi is the former summer capital of Bihar, situated in the heart of the Chotanagpur Plateau located at an altitude of 2140ft. above Sea level . This place boasts of picturesque surroundings, the beauty which is reflected in its beautiful waterfalls, tranquil lakes, barren rocks and hillocks.

Surrounded by verdant hills, Ranchi was originally a tribal country. Some of its villages are still rich in tribal life. Though, with the passage of time, it has developed into a large hill resort with a beautiful countryside. The Bihar Tribal research institute and Museum situated here is an ideal place for those interested in knowing more about the tribes of Bihar. Industrialization has led to the development of a number of industrial complexes, which also attract visitors time and again.

Ranchi has earned the reputation of being a health resort. Sporting a lovely, pleasant climate and scenic environs, it attracts lot of people who want to enjoy nature as well as rejuvenate their health. Some of the scenic attraction is and around Ranchi are :-


Netrahat is an amazingly beautiful tourist destination of Ranchi, which is located at a distance of 156kms from it. Popularly known as the ‘QUEEN OF CHOTANAGPUR’ this picturesque spot is situated at a height of 3700ft. above sea level , amidst enchanting surrounding of dense forests , cool breeze cascading waterfalls and beautiful nights. Hence this place becomes a hot spot for tourists, especially during summers. Netrahat also offers spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. So enarmoured were the British by this place. that they preferred to call it ‘Nature’s Heart’ Netrahat could have possibly derived its name from these two words namely , ‘Nature and Heart’


One of the highest waterfalls in Bihar is located at a distance of 61kms from Netrahat. Here, the water cascades down from a height of 468ft. Similarly, other falls such as the SADNI FALLS, UPPER GHAGRI and LOWER GHAGRI WATERFALLS are some well-known picnic spot offerings lovely scenery.


This beautiful hill is situated in the heart of Ranchi town as a black outcrop in midst of a flat land. A dominating feature of this hill is that there is a Shiva Temple on its summit and an artificial lake at the hill provides an excellent view of the town and the surrounding areas.


Tagore hill is bigger than the Ranchi hill and is located on the periphery of Ranchi. This hill been named after Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore , who is believed to have written a part of his famous ‘GEETANJALI ‘ here besides other poems and literary work . An Ashram of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa is also located at the foothills of this hill. It also offers a panoramic view of the surroundings areas, and is a highly attractive place.


This is one of the world’s largest waterfalls, which manifests itself in all its glory during the rainy season, when its source, the Subarnarekha river, is in full spate. The top of the falls gives a spectacular view of this river, which cascades down from an altitude of 320ft. At the bottom of the falls are small pools, which are a favorite picnic and bathing spots. It is located 40kms north – east of Ranchi.


This temple was built in the 17th century, and is a miniature version of the famous Jagannath Temple at Puri in Orissa. This temple too, is well known for the celebrations of the Car festivals in the months of June-July, though this is not held on a large scale as in the Jagannath temple of Puri, yet it is thronged by a large number of pilgrims and devotees, who come here to offer their prayers. This temple is associated in the Jaganathpur village, 10kms south west of Ranchi.


Parasnath is the highest hill in Bihar, which is also one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the Jains. Located on the eastern region of the Hazaribagh Plateau, just inside the Bihar – Bengal border, this place holds immense religious importance.

Standing at a height of about 4480feet,this hill is named after Parasvanatha, the 23rd Thirthankar who was quite popular among the tribals of Chotanagpur and is represented by a snake known as ‘Dharanedra’ whose hoods protect the mediating Thirthankar, it is believed that 20 out of 24 Thirthankar including Parasvantha, attained "Nirvana" or Salvation here in the Sammetasikhara of Parasnath Hills. Some beautiful temples belonging to the two Jain groups viz, Swetambers and Digambers, are also situated on these hills thus making it a highly sacred place to the Jains.

The hill marked by a steep rise and has to be trekked. From the Madhuban village, which falls in the path of the hilltop, the trek is of 11kms and it takes almost a full day for the entire trip and back.

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