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Nakki lake

It is a small lake in the centre of Mt. Abu. Some Hindus believe it to be holy lake. Hills, parks and strange rock formations surround the lake. Besides the lake stands the Raghunath Temple built in the 14th century. Nakki Lake is the heart of all activities in Mt. Abu. It is a short and easy stroll around it and there are Juice a stall, ice – cream parlors, balloons seller, shops and small food stalls. There are also several viewpoints in Mt. Abu. Out of which the sunset point is most popular. Other popular spots include Honeymoon point, which also offers a view of the sunset. The sunset, the Carg’s and Robert’s spur and Shanti Shikhar, which is in the west of Adhar Devi Temple, where there are panoramic views. The best spot is the terrace of the Maharaja of Jaipur’s former summer palace.

Dilwara Temples

Dilwara temples are a group of Jain temples, which are Mt. Abu’s main attraction and are the finest examples of the Jain architecture in India. This complex includes two temples, one is Vimal Vasahi, which was built in 1031 and is dedicated to the first Tirthankar, Adinath. In front of the temple stands the "House of Elephants", with figures of elephants marching in procession to the temple .The second temple is Temple, which is dedicated to Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankar and it was built in 1230 by two brothers, Tejpal and Vastupal. Tejpal temple is important as an extremely old and complex example of a Jain Temple; its most notable feature is the intricacy and delicacy of the marble carving.

Around Mt. Abu

Achalgarh: The Shiva temple of Achalgarh has a number of interesting features, including a toe of Shiva and a brass Nandi. This temple is situated 11 Km. north of Mt. Abu. A path leads up the hillside to a group of colorful Jain temples with fine views out over the plains.

Guru Shikhar

15 Km. from Mt. Abu is Guru Shikhar, the highest point in Rajasthan at 1722 m. At the top is the At the top is the Atri Rishi Temple complete with a priest and good views all around.

Gaumukh Temple

Down on the Abu Road side of Mt. Abu a small stream flows from the mouth of a marble cow, thus this temple has been given its name. Three is also a marble figure of the bull Nandi, Shiva’s vehicle. The pool Agni Kund situated here is said to be the site of the sacrificial fire. An image of Vasishta is flanked by figures of Ram and Krishna.

Mt. Abu

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