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Mt. Abu is the Rajasthan’s only hill station that is a 1200m high plateau situated in the south of state, close to the Gujrat border. It is a popular hot season retreat from the plains of Rajasthan and Gujrat. This place has also got a famous university known as the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. A mostly Indian visitor includes newly wedded couples who come for their honeymoons to enjoy the pleasant climate and easy going pace. Although this place is not as cool as it used to be, due to increased developments, construction of hotels. But this place has still retained its green charm. Mt. Abu also has a number of noteworthy temples, particularly, the Dilwara group of Jain temples, 5 km. away. This is a very important pilgrimage centre for Janis. This temple has got excellent marble carvings, which are best among those found in Rajasthan. Also, like many hill stations Mts. Abu has its own lake known as Nakki Lake. According to the legends, Mt. Abut is as old as the Himalayas. Mt. Abu is a good place to simply wander around at leisure. It is a hilly plateau about 22 km long and 6 km. wide.


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