Welcome to the ‘feeling better’club
Suite Marigold is a non-medical health practice- a welcoming place to deal with worries and health concerns- or to indulge in a little serenity. You can experience gentle but effective bodywork and a ‘tune up’ for the modern mind.
Modalities used include McLoughlin’s Scar Tissue Technique, Reflexology & Bowen, Reiki, Meridian Tapping therapies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Meditation teaching. Most sessions employ a combination of these methods to help you manage pain, illness or stress- or just to feel stronger and more comfortable.
Not everything about our state of health can be ‘fixed’- but most situations can be better. If pain can be reduced or skills to manage ourselves feel more reliable- that can be the difference between suffering and living lighter, able to do more of what you want to do or need to do. Most clients describe their experience here as both enjoyable and beneficial.
I am currently practising from home in an inspirational landscape. Treatment sessions are by appointment . You can get in touch through phone, text, Messenger and email to ask questions or make a time. I encourage you to explore more about the work through my website or Suite Marigold’s Facebook page. Looking forward to meeting more lovely hills dwellers- and folk from ‘downstairs’ are welcome too!
Fees are $70 or concession rate of $50.


4 Reviews

  • Nanette Fox


    A treatment in this stunning spot in the Adelaide Hills is a tonic for body and soul.
    Feeling better is an understatement!

  • Sue Fraser


    I’ve known Harrison for over 20yrs as a friend and as my goto wisewoman for my health and well-being. I highly recommend her for her healing touch and depth of knowledge and wisdom.

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